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Each player registered with the Association will be required to wear appropriate hockey equipment for all ice sessions. This equipment will include:

  • CSA-approved helmet with ear protection and face mask (including cage clips)
  • neck guard. The minimum standard for neck guards must be BNQ approved.
  • shoulder pads
  • elbow pads
  • hockey gloves
  • complete athletic support
  • hockey pants
  • shin pads
  • skates

In addition, goaltenders must wear:

  • an approved goalie helmet (with a valid expiry date)
  • chest protector/arm pads
  • leg pads
  • blocker and trapper
  • a throat protector fastened to their face mask – helmet configuration of a minimum standard similar to the D & R Part number: PGH or PGH Junior.

Goaltender equipment will be provided free-of-charge to all goaltenders in U7 and U9 age categories for the current hockey season.  Equipment includes a blocker, a trapper, goaltender’s leg pads, chest protector and arm-shoulder pads combination

Players not fully equipped with the compulsory equipment described above will not be permitted to participate in any ‘on-ice’ activity until such me as they are so equipped. Referees and/or coaches will be responsible for the enforcement of this rule.

NDMHA players will be provided with Association-owned sweaters and wear them as directed by the coach.

Players will wear black helmets and black pants in conjunction with ‘home’ and ‘away’ sweaters.
Players will wear NDMHA colour hockey socks that match the sweater to be worn. The wearing of mismatched socks is not permitted at anytime.

There is equipment available to borrow subject to availability. Please contact the equipment director for more information.

No NDMHA game jerseys are to be worn outside of any scheduled game; any request must be submitted to the Executive for consent.


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